This is Tulip and she thought she was a human until she started sprouting. Her skin works like both an octopus and a well fertilized pile of dirt.

mukuro-fukuro said: Miguel and tulio

i don’t understand why i worked on this for like ten hours????????????////////

Also, now would be a great time to submit a doodle request. i’m on a fuckin rOLL.

hOMEstuck and ocs 

  1. bananashaman said: ultimate scum also the sword has a tattoo that ive been considering getting forever

I am ultimate scum but my heart is at peace now. Also that’s a really good choice.

i just want to add. that i HATE LINEART and i almost NEVER DO IT. so here it is.

I’m using mere-exposure effect to get everyone to start loving Bea.

Tentative character design……..

Bea never leaves home without her survival kit. Though… she often leaves without her homework….

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